You Must Remember This: Favorite Movies and Their Times - Smithsonian Associates

Wednesday, March 3 @ 12PM 

Some moments in movies never leave us: a snappy line of dialogue, a dance in the rain or by the Seine, a timeless love song, a great last line. In a three-part film discussion series featuring film clips and stills, documentary filmmaker and writer

revisits some of our favorite movies and characters, setting them against the backdrop of their times, the people who dreamed them up, and the America they reflected—or asked us to imagine.

Lukinson, a multiple Emmy Award winner, created more than 200 short biographical films for the Kennedy Center Honors. She teaches at NYU and the 92nd Street Y.

Under the direction and encouragement of the musical-loving producer Arthur Freed, his eponymous unit was responsible for creating the most glorious string of musicals in film history during the 1940s and ’50s. Gems like

lift our spirits, no matter how many times we’ve see them. They’re joyous and exuberant, filled with brilliant dancing, songs we know by heart, and puddles we love to dance in.

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